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Capricorn Gems specialises in sourcing, cutting and marketing four gemstones originating from the Central Queensland region of Australia. (Sapphires, Boulder Opal, Zircon and Chrysoprase).

This extensive geographical area, following along the Tropic of Capricorn, contains some of the finest precious gemstones in the world. A map of the Central Queensland area and its gemstone locations can be found here.

All of our Central Queensland Gemstones offered to the market are ethically mined and responsibly sourced and can be traced to the producing mine. We know the locations and details concerning the source of the gemstones and the way in which these gemstones are extracted, cut and prepared for sale.  

Capricorn Gems only sells wholesale to legitimate jewellery designer-makers and jewellery retailers from anywhere around the world.

All applications for webshops access are subject to verification.

There is no automatic access to the webshops.

If you are not a jewellery designer-maker or a jewellery retailer you will not be granted access to the webshops.

All gemstones for sale in the webshops  are priced at wholesale prices for wholesale buyers

All gemstone items for sale are priced in USD


Just wanted to let you know that my lovely bi-coloured sapphire arrived today and it's even more beautiful than in the image on the website. 

Also, thank you for the rough cut sapphires, was a lovely gift and a nice surprise.      Saskia    Belgium

The package arrived today, and everything is GORGEOUS. Thanks so much. And what a lovely surprise getting these sapphire chips! So cool. I'll work them into photographs with the rings I make with your sapphires, so fun!     Michelle    USA

The sapphire cabs and opals are lovely! I’m really pleased with them. Many thanks again for all the time and effort you put into helping me make my selection. I’m looking forward to buying from the Capricorn Gems website again.           Caro     UK

Beautiful ethically sourced gems supplied by Capricorn Gems, every Sapphire supplied has been absolute quality in colour & cut & my customers love them.        Rachel    Australia 

I am incredibly pleased with the opals I received as well as the customer service Ian has provided. Ethical sourcing and quality are my top priorities and it is clear that Capricorn Gems shares these. Thanks so much! Can't wait to purchase the next batch.     Hanna    USA

Thank you so much, Ian. This is supremely helpful!

Opals arrived and they are stuuuunning. Wow. Your pictures are great, but I'm guessing no pictures could ever do these types of opals justice. Floored! I hope to be buying many more in the future. Also, thank you for the gift!!    Betsy USA

Hi Ian, stones arrived and are all so stunning. Your material is truly in its own league! Thanks again, excited to create with these - Michelle USA

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