Attention Jewellery Designer/Makers
June  2020

You can now sign up to access the new online shops. 

Access is limited to bona fide jewellery designer-makers and relevant jewellery industry professionals wishing to view the range of gemstone stock with the intention of purchasing goods. Accesswill be approved upon submission of verification of authenticity as a designer-maker.

Jewellery designers known to us will not be required to submit details and will be approved.


Go to either Sapphire Shop, Zircon Shop, Chrysoprase Shop or Boulder Opal Shop to set up your login.

Prices for gemstones are set at wholesale and in USD dollars.

Capricorn Gems specialises in sourcing, cutting and marketing four gemstones originating from the Central Queensland region of Australia. (Sapphires, Boulder Opal, Zircon and Chrysoprase).

This extensive geographical area, following along the Tropic of Capricorn, contains some of the finest precious gemstones in the world.

All of our Central Queensland Gemstones offered to the market are ethically mined and responsibly sourced and can be traced to the producing mine. We know the locations and details concerning the source of the gemstones and the way in which these gemstones are extracted, cut and prepared for sale.  Environmental reclamation is also practiced by our mining partners.

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Shipping Delays
Please be aware that there are extensive shipping delays on goods due to the COVID pandemic.
Contact me via chat for further information.

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