Capricorn Gems undertakes non-conventional marketing, promotion and selling of quality Central Queensland Gemstones. We act in the interests of gemstone producers. Our relationships with miners in on a personal level.


Rodney is well known in the gemstone industry of Central Queensland. He has an extensive network of contacts, a background and understanding of the needs of miners, and the requirements and expectations of the gemstone and jewellery customer. Rod is a qualified gemologist and brings technical expertise as well as a marketing dimension to the table. Rod also has extensive expertise in gem cutting of sapphire, boulder opal, and chrysoprase and is well known for his attention to market intelligence for each particular gemstone product.


Ian has a background in management and leadership of large organisations as well as the principal of his own small management consulting business.

He has extensive knowledge of contemporary marketing trends and is keenly attuned to new trends brought about as a result of digital technologies and social networks. He is well known for his networking and facilitation skills in each endeavour that he has been involved with.

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