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Queensland Sapphire

Sapphire is produced in Central Queensland about 400 km west of the regional city of Rockhampton. At the turn of the last century, these fields produced over 50% of the world's quality sapphire gem material and produced some of the world's most well-known gemstones. Some famous sapphires produced over the years from Central Queensland are listed here.

Historically much of rough gemstone has been sent offshore to be cut and marketed.

A wide range of colours come from the various locations on the Central Queensland Gem Fields. Colours from light to deep blue, crisp golds and yellows and greens as well as the multi-color parti-colour stones.  The region is harsh and dry and the mining conditions can be difficult and challenging.

The quality of our stones is second to none and we guarantee their authenticity and natural origins.

We can also guarantee that all gemstones are ethically mined. Our mining partners have a determined respect for the natural environment, undertaking land rehabilitation as part of thier mining program. More information is available here .


Queensland Zircon


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